Rave Reviews

What our customers have said about Discovering Michigan County by County:

photo259877246_scaled_475x604“While the book Discovering Michigan County by County is filled with facts and statistics, the tone of the narration is warm, readable and entertaining. Sprinkled throughout the book are observations on the humorous and quirky aspects of our Michigan communities. This book has encouraged me to want to visit each charming county in our state.”
Joy Black, author of Remembering Eaton County

“As an educator, I find VanderMolen’s book a valuable resource for our Michigan K-12 and higher education classrooms. In one book, our students are provided activities in core areas as well as the liberal arts: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, and music. The potential learning opportunities, including about out great state, are endless!”
Denise M. Acevedo, Ed.D., Professor

“I think every household in Michigan should have a copy of this book. There is so much information that everyone needs.”
Ray Davis, accountant, church treasurer

“I love, love, love this book! What a handy reference guide! The clever alphabetic format delivers fun and interesting information which scratches that curiosity itch – certainly a great conversation starter or welcomed gift.”
Al Doorlag, UPS employee; tutor

Discovering Michigan County by County is a great source for any public or school library. Patrons love the interesting, informative and fun format. They come away knowing a lot more about our wonderful state. A must have!”
Sally Seifert, librarian

“Michigan is a beautiful state to explore with its natural resources, unique geography or specific cultural histories. Use Discovering Michigan County by County to identify and find these types of hidden treasures for a day trip or longer.”
Mona Ellard, former MSU Extension Director

“I bought one myself but knew that our kids would always be borrowing it, so I purchased one for each of them, too.”
Tam Lobsiger, mother and grandmother

“I have been drooling over these beautiful pictures. So fabulous to have good photography to work with when building a site. You have created a labor of love.”
Connie Sweet, owner of Connection Graphics

“While traveling the roads of Michigan, Barbara VanderMolen’s book will be a wonderful traveling guide. The alphabetical (Agriculture to Zoo) layout lends itself to easily finding great spots to visit even in remote and less populated counties. Settle down and enjoy your time in the counties of Michigan.”
Veronica Nash, reading teacher

“What a great book! I’m learning about Michigan without leaving my living room, but this book is a great reference while on the road too.”
Lynda Frantz, bank executive

“This book is an absolute must have for anyone who lives or travels in Michigan. It gives me a little bit of information about a lot of things that I would never know about a county. If I find something I’m really interested in, I just check the Bibliography and then go online to see if I can find more information.”
Your #1 Anonymous Fan

“A veritable treasure of knowledge about the State of Michigan is found in this book. Ms. VanderMolen has done countless hours of research to collect all the detailed information on every county in the State. Nowhere else can this information be found in one volume and be so readily available. This is truly a one-of-a-kind book. For anyone desiring to know anything about the State of Michigan, whether for research, travel or purely for information, this is the absolute ‘go to’ book. If you want to know about Michigan, this book will not disappoint.”

Kenneth R. Mitchell, Jacksonville, Florida (formerly a resident of Michigan)