Q & A

Q. Who buys this book?photo6


A. These are the observations the author has made about the customers. They are…

1. People who love Michigan.

2. People who love to read.

3. People who like knowledge and information.

4. People who like to know more about the state than just destinations, restaurants, motels and in-depth history.

5. People who know they cannot easily find most of the information in Discovering Michigan County by County on the Internet or anywhere else. (The author used over 90 resources per chapter to compile the information.)

6. People who like to have pertinent information at their fingertips.

7. People who can see that $45 is a great investment in their appreciation and enjoyment of Michigan.

8. It has been purchased by customers:

• for personal use
• for the person who has everything
• by people who like to travel
• for a retirement gift
• for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts
• for Christmas gifts
• for birthday gifts
• as business and client gifts
• for people who used to live in Michigan but now live out of state
• for people who are currently moving in or out of the state
• for a wedding present
• for the person who can no longer travel but is still interested in Michigan
• by travel professionals who give tours of Michigan
• for use by the Chamber of Commerce
• for use by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
• for use in libraries
• for use by home schooled students
• for use by elementary students studying Michigan history
• to give to their local school or library
• by doctors for use by their patients in the Waiting Room


Q. How do people use this book?

A. This is what customers have told the author:

1. Some people have it with them in the car when they are traveling and read about each county as they drive through the different counties.

2. Some people use it to help them plan their vacations or day trips.

3. Some people sit down and read all the history related items (Historical Markers, Origins, Yesteryear.)

4. Some people read it cover to cover.

5. Some people just read the chapters in which they have an interest.

6. Some people read all the jokes (Jokes.)

7. Some people read everything related to natural resources (Agriculture, Environment, Flora & Fauna, Natural Resources.)

8. Some people keep it in their RV or at their cottage.